Dates for your diary. (Although provisional)

1) Young Adult day - Saturday 5th June 2021

2) Young Children day - Saturday 2nd October 2021

Following a meeting on Sunday 28th March, the HW committee decided that, due to anticipated relaxation in social distancing expected on the 10th of May, we are able, in principle, to go ahead with our day for young people on Saturday 5th June.

A final decision as whether we are able to run the event will be made at our next meeting on May the 9th. We will then update everyone. We may start the booking process ahead of this date but all bookings will of course be subject to the final decision.

News from your local flying charity…HELPING WINGS

10 May 2021

Great news…after a frustrating year and a half, Helping Wings is up in the air again!

Our first event for young adults is taking place on June 5th. This year, however, we are only able to offer a limited amount of flights. This is due to the ongoing Covid situation having proved difficult for pilots to keep their currency and aircraft still not back flying due to maintenance.

Looking ahead, we are hoping to be able to resume our scholarships, whether with Synergy, the UK flight training provider who is hoping to start operation at the Jersey Aero Club in the near future or with the help of Aerobility, the UK’s main flying school for the disabled.

As soon as we can, we will also offer ad-hoc flights for the many charities who regularly contact us and whose clients get a lot of pleasure from the flights.

As usual, we can’t emphasise enough that we simply could not operate without the support of our pilots who offer their time and aircraft free of charge, of all our helpers on the ground and also to the many businesses and organisations who continue to support us.

Helping Wings / Wetwheels Joint Day

05 Jul 2019

Four years ago Helping Wings and Wetwheels had the idea of combining forces for a joint event. The plan was to take a party of local disadvantaged and disabled people across to Guernsey for the day. Half the group would fly with Helping Wings, the other would sail with Wetwheels then everyone would swap mode of transport for the return.

Everything was set for this great concept until the day itself ! The sea conditions were ok for Wetwheels but the cloud base not good enough for the Helping Wings flights. Sadly the event had to be cancelled although Wetwheels did manage to do some sailing.

Four years on, a meeting was held recently between the two charities with the aim of trying again, using the same formula. Initially September was the favoured time but it was decided to bring the event forward to July in order to maximise the chances of good weather. It almost worked!

Thursday, 3rd July turned out to be a lovely warm and sunny day but with an annoying fresh north-easterly wind which was set to increase during the afternoon. There was only one choice and that was to abandon the idea of going to Guernsey. However, the conditions were good for flying and were good for sailing provided the Wetwheels boat remained in the protected waters off the island’s south coast.

So everyone met, as planned, at the Jersey Aero Club for breakfast with the two charities patron, His Excellency Sir Stephen Dalton, joining the group and chatting with guests and helpers alike.

A few phone calls were made to cancel the Guernsey arrangements and a few more were made to re-arrange the day so that everyone would be able to fly and to sail.

After breakfast, half the group set off for La Collette Marina and their trip along the island’s south coast. The other half remained at the aero club for their around the island flights taking in all the main sights around the coast. By lunchtime, all the first batch of flights had been completed and those guests were joined at the aero club by the Wetwheels group. Following a lunch prepared with little notice by the Jersey Aero Club and provided by Ravenscroft Group, the two parties swapped over, the morning sailors taking to the air and the flyers to the sea.

In all, 20 guests enjoyed a great day of sailing and flying. It wasn’t exactly as planned but that really didn’t matter. Helping Wings and Wetwheels had had their first, and very successful, joint event.

Helping Wings Day, April 2019

06 Apr 2019

Whenever Helping Wings has a Flying event, the weather always has a say - of course. In recent times poor weather has caused some disappointment and a lot of re-scheduling but not at this year’s Young People’s Day held on Saturday , 6th April.

The sun shone for our 15 young guests giving them, their families and careers great conditions to enjoy their flights around the island of Jersey. 7 Helping Wings volunteer pilots provided their time and aircraft with a further team of volunteers providing all the back-up support needed for the day.

The event was sponsored by local company, Blue Flame Digital Solutions Ltd. In fact Blue Flame’s CEO, Phil Taylor, not only provided the funding but was also one of the pilots on the day !

Apart from the flight, everyone got the chance to visit Jersey Airports’s control tower where they saw the air traffic controllers controlling aircraft at Jersey and in the large surrounding area of Channel Islands airspace. The view from the top of the tower was amazing.

In all, 36 guests flew during the day. For some it was their first time with Helping Wings and maybe the first time they’d flown in a light aircraft. But whether they were first timers or not, it was clear from their smiles that they all enjoyed a great day. Some even got the chance to star on Channel TV !

As always, events like this Helping Wings Day only happen because a lot of people have willingly given their time and effort to ensure the day’s success. Those people, both Helping Wings members and those in partner organisations, are too many to be individually named but, to them and on behalf of all the day’s guests, Helping Wings says a massive “ Thank you “.

Helping Wings Day, 10th Anniversary

06 Oct 2018

2018 is a very special year for Helping Wings, Jersey’s flying charity. We’ve been providing flying opportunities to local disadvantaged and disabled people, of all ages, since 2008 so we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary.

There’s a particular event which marks the anniversary date and that’s the Helping Wings Day for younger children, this year held on the 6th October. This event has been running throughout the whole 10 years with a format which has remained largely unchanged - it works ! This year, the event was sponsored by local company Blue Flame Digital.

We have given the experience of flight in a light aircraft to hundreds of young children by working with other island charities and directly with individuals. We also try to include brothers and sisters, parents and carers wherever possible so that everyone can enjoy this potentially life-changing experience.

Of course, all the best organisation in the world can’t control the weather and the 6th October was notable for being the one day of bad weather during a long period of Indian summer. So, the 30 plus around the island fights which would have taken the 37 families booked in couldn’t take place. But even if it was raining the spirits of our young guests couldn’t be dampened.

Several activities took place throughout the day including drawing competitions, a magic show by Chicano, the chance to see the aircraft and, most importantly, a visit from the airport’s fire service - always a highlight of the day.

During the afternoon the charity’s patron, His Excellency Sir Stephen Dalton and Lady Dalton paid a visit. Spending time talking with the children and their parents, their visit culminated in Sir Stephen cutting the specially made 10th anniversary cake. After such a successful day, it now only remains to arrange the flights for another, hopefully sunnier, day when everyone can enjoy their flight around the island.

2018 Flying Scholarship winner Ross received a certificate worth £2000 of flying training

28 Jul 2018

Thursday 26th July was a very special day for Ross Le Noa. Ross is the winner of the 2018 Helping Wings flying scholarship, sponsored by Port of Jersey.

Ross received a certificate worth £2000 of flying training at the Jersey Aero Club.

Andrew Boustouler, Chief Financial Officer & Deputy GCEO represented Ports of Jersey and presented Ross with his certificate and a flying log book which will allow Ross to keep a record of his flying training.

During the evening Jersey Aero Club Instructor Gary Phillips updated the audience about the recent changes at the club including the purchase of three brand new aeroplanes which will replace the current fleet.

Ports of Jersey Andrew Boustouler, 2018 scholarship winner - Ross Le Noa and Jersey Aero Club instructor - Gary Philips Ross le Noa and pass HW scholarship winners Chakotay Wood, Emma Le Seller and Melissa Alves

Our Patron (2017) – His Excellency Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton GCB, LLD (Hon), DSc (Hon), BSc, FRAes, CCMI