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Flying Scholarships for the disabled

Helping Wings, the Jersey light aviation charity, is delighted to announce a bursary worth approximately £1600 towards the costs of 10 hours flight training with the Jersey Aero Club for a local disabled person.

Around the world many disabled people have discovered that the freedom associated with being able to fly an aircraft is within their reach and that their disability is not necessarily a barrier to gaining a private pilot’s licence.

This scholarship will enable the successful candidate to complete enough training to be at or close to the point where they are ready to fly solo. The trainee pilot will be expected to fund the cost of the aviation fuel only and their membership of the Jersey Aero Club, a total of around £650,the fuel payable by the flying hour.

In addition Helping Wings is providing the cost of an initial flying lesson worth £115 to 8 other disabled people during 2013.

During 2012 Helping Wings provided two trial lessons for a couple of disabled young people nominated by the Jersey Sports Association for the Disabled. Melissa and Darren were our test pilots and established that the facilities and aircraft at Jersey Aero Club were accessible for people with disabilities. Helping Wings intends to purchase some adaptations to the flying controls which may be needed depending upon a pilot’s disability to continue with their training and complete their Private Pilot’s licence.

If the scholarship scheme attracts enough interest Helping Wings will offer further awards in the future so we are hoping to receive lots of applications for this first award.

Applicants should be over 16 years of age and able to complete the flying course during 2013. Application forms can be downloaded on our Flying Awards page or collected from the Jersey Aero Club.

Notes for editors:

Since 2008 over 180 disadvantaged or disabled children and young people have enjoyed a passenger flight around Jersey in a light aircraft with volunteer pilots as part of annual Helping Wings days organised by the charity. We are planning two more Helping Wings days in 2013 to continue this activity.

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