The helping wings red and dark blue logo, with a wing at the end

Our Pilots

Helping Wings pilots are all volunteers, providing their services free of charge to the charity, whether using their own or group-owned aircraft, or renting from Synergy Flight Training. They come from a wide variety of flying backgrounds, from airline pilots to private pilots. They all, however, must have a minimum level of experience ( 100 hours as pilot in command ) in order to fly for Helping Wings. Of course all pilots need to be correctly licensed, to be in current flying practice, and to conform with all other relevant regulations.

For each event, a Pilots Approval Checklist must be completed. Typically a pilot may be asked to fly two or three 30 minute flights during a Helping Wings Day.

Flying for Helping Wings is an enormously rewarding experience. We welcome new pilots. If you are correctly qualified and meet our minimum experience level, we would love to hear from you.