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Privacy Notice

Helping Wings collects only the information we need in order to allow your participation in our events and programmes whether as a guest, volunteer or member. We want you to enjoy your experience of our activities and so the information you give us is used to ensure you are safe and can participate as fully as possible in the particular activity you are involved with. The information you give us also helps us to improve our events and programmes.

If you are over thirteen years of age and have a clear understanding about privacy we shall go through this notice with you. If you are the parent guardian or carer of a child under thirteen years who is participating in a Helping Wings event or someone over the age of thirteen years who does not have capacity we shall ask you to read and sign this notice on their behalf. Where there is any doubt we may ask both people to read and sign this notice. Please ask a member of the Helping Wings team if you have any questions about this notice or how we use your information.

Helping Wings will never share your information with third parties without your specific consent and we shall never sell any information we hold about you.

For example we would ask before sharing information about a guest’s disability with Air Traffic Control if the guest was visiting the tower as part of a Helping Wings day and we thought sharing that information was important for a successful visit.

Within Helping Wings we will share information about guests or volunteers on a “need to know” basis amongst our team.

For example we need to ask volunteer pilots to check that their medical and licence details are up to date, or a volunteer pilot may need to know about a guest’s disability if it would affect how a flight was to take place.

All personal information is only retained until the event or programme is over and has been reviewed unless you have consented to us retaining that data for a future event or similar circumstance. We may use the information you have given us to collate statistics or group information but not in a way which would lead to any individual being identified. Photographs and videos are personal information and will only be taken with your explicit consent on each occasion or programme (for example during a Flying Scholarship). We shall also gain specific consent from you if we would like to use photographs or video in our promotional material.

Helping Wings keeps the information you give us securely. Computer data is password protected and has up to date security and privacy software. In the unlikely event of your information being shared by mistake or stolen we shall notify you as soon as we become aware.

You may ask us at any time for a copy of the information we hold about you. We will correct any information which is wrong within seven days. We shall remove any information about you if you ask us to do that, on the understanding that this will mean you can no longer access events or programmes until such time as you re-register.

The Data Protection Officer for Helping Wings is: Jonathan Gready [email protected]

Download the full consent form.