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Helping Wings Flying Scholarship Flight II - Chakotay Wood

Today the weather was surprisingly full of sunshine and blue skies as far as the eye could see. You wouldn’t have thought that we just experienced torrential rain and thunderstorms.

This morning my lesson consisted of several circuits of touch and go, while the weather remained healthy. There was a moderate crosswind at 240 degrees at around 09-11 knots. The crosswind coming across runway 26 made the approach and landing much more challenging in our little aircraft, despite this it certainly wasn’t impossible.

The island looked spectacular as usual and there was even some Para gliders enjoying the weather and the views too. The view of the Noirmont coastal battery gleamed in the sunlight, seeing it from the air from a different prospective just gives you the scale of our island’s history and heritage. Consisting of four coastal gun emplacements and several bunkers covered in a mass of concrete. Overlooking Elisabeth castle, we flew directly over it - a whole new meaning to a bird’s eye view.

The second lesson done and I was home by around eleven and I thought of the prospect that typically I’d still be in bed at that time of the weekend.

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