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Helping Wings Flying Scholarship Flight VI - Chakotay Wood

Today I arrived at the Aero Club where a very eager group of extreme sports precipitants were waiting to disembark of a journey of a very different kind.

I am of course referring to the activity of sky diving and the group couldn’t wait to get going, lucky for them they didn’t have to wait long. They had also acquired the very well known and respected Cessna 208 (Turbo prop); beautiful handling; better characteristics and achieves impressive speeds when compared to those such as the Cessna 172.

The weather was bright enough, a bit of sunshine and the wind was just the wind (standard). There was pockets of air here, there and everywhere including a slight crosswind. We headed out however we were dictated by the sky diving Cessna 208 as the descent rate capabilities of the aircraft are nothing short of impressive for a light aircraft. As a result we entered a holding pattern to the north of the island and it was a pleasantly nice change of scenery. We spent some time literally going around in circles while we waited.

Anyhow we completed another round of circuits and unlike the sky divers we stayed onboard our aircraft, another day had came to a close and the sun was slowly descending into the darkness.

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