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The 2016 Flying Scholarship for the lower limb disabled

Helping Wings, the Jersey light aviation charity, is delighted to announce that thanks to the Sir James Knott Trust, it is able to offer, for 3 years, a new scholarship worth £5000 of flying training per year with the Jersey Aero Club for a local person with a lower limb disability.

Around the world, many disabled people have discovered that the freedom associated with being able to fly an aircraft is within their reach. Their disability is not necessarily a barrier to gaining a Private Pilot’s Licence.

Recently, thanks to Jersey Lion’s Club who raised money through the local swim marathon, Helping Wings was able to purchase and have fitted in a Jersey Aero Club aircraft, a hand control unit which allows any lower limb disabled person not only to enjoy the freedom of flying but actually obtain a full Private Pilot Licence. The conventional control of the rudder by foot movement is replaced by the hand control.

The scholarship will cover approximately 28 hours ( subject to fuel cost) out of the 45 required to obtain the full EASA (European) Private Pilot’s licence. Prior to being sent solo, the student will require a medical examination which can be obtained locally.

Throughout the year, Helping Wings provides a number of flying experiences to local disabled people.With the hand control unit, this can now be extended to the lower limb disabled.

Applicants who should be over 15 years of age and able to complete the flying course within a year from the start date. Also, the scholarship is only available to individuals who would not be able to use conventional rudder control. i.e would need to use the hand control.

Applications are now closed for 2016. Please check the site for the latest info.

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