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Bursaries in 2021

2 bursaries have been awarded for 2021.

Ports of Jersey

16 years old Nicole Camacho who a few years ago was diagnosed with Macular disease in her left eye which means that she does not have any central vision in that eye.

However, this is not stopping Nicole with getting as much as she can out of life and in fact, earlier this year, she was awarded Deputy Cadet of the year by St John’s Ambulance. She also plays Netball with the St Lawrence Netball Club, attends Sea Cadets and has achieved the Duke of Edinburg Award. She also works week-ends at the Covid centre, all this whilst attending Beaulieu School!

Butlin Family Charity Trust

Awarded to Anthony (Ant) Lewis who had a stroke in November 2007 and since then suffers from Aphasia, a communication disability.

Despite his disability, Ant is determined to get as much as he can out of life and decided that his next challenge would be to learn to fly and so, applied for the bursary.

Ant is a keen sportsman and enjoys trike, swimming, football, table Tennis amongst other things. He is the Government of Jersey Disabled and Inclusion Officer.

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