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Even Thunderstorms Couldn't Ruin The Day

Over the few days preceding the planned HW event for our young children and their families, the weather looked decisively bad with thunderstorms on the weather radar!

However, the HW Team had decided that whatever the weather, that special day for our young guests would go ahead as there were so many activities planned other than the flying – our yearly magician Chicano, the team from the airport fire service with their tender and small plane for the children to ‘fly’, rides in a vintage potato lorry, face painting and drawing for the HW Christmas Tree at St. Peter’s Church!

But, after an early morning thunderstorm, the weather not only cleared for our volunteer pilots to fly all our 20 families around the island but it actually turned out to be a glorious day!

So, there were plenty of smiles from everyone and after having enjoyed their flight and all the other activities, the children went home with their goodie bags, tired but happy!

This year is our 15th anniversary and we are all awed by the generosity of all our volunteer pilots and helpers as well as our sponsors. For this event the sponsors were St. Michael’s School and Ports of Jersey who not only waived the landing fees for the event but who accommodated us once more amongst their busy schedule.

This was our last event for 2023 but we are already talking about next year and we’ll be advertising our event dates in the near future.

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